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Welcome !
Of course, you understand that PEEPAUL are performers in this blog shaped webzine. They do not really age, because there is no age that matters when we are passionate about many topics.
Rather, they are broke, but it is a situation that does not support their heads. They learned to organize themselves with few resources which had the happy consequence to develop their creativity, their imagination, their joy of living.
So they had the idea to create a blog that would address other PEEPAUL. Those who do not really feel out of place in a world where common sense is diverted to personal interests, suspicious doctrines, anything that actually serves only one master: the power
And they concluded that to try to change things, perhaps it had to start by changing ourselves …
That’s why they offer different topics that may be useful or just fun!
image 12.png
Unfortunately, these are modest translators! For now, they offer translations of articles from the section : “Very Special Investigations”. In order to improve our translations, thank you to provide us with grammar or syntax errors that you would find while reading these documents !

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