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Characters unnamed – first part

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Previously, we had questioned the consistency of the biblical stories with their modifications, generally disseminated to reach a wide audience. Naturally, one cannot ignore the true intentions of their authors! It is profitable to manufacture a commercial product in defiance of sense to attract the crowds …
Or, if a somewhat curious reader cares to read, for example, the first two chapters of Exodus, it may take many differences between the original text and adaptations and unfortunately his translations.
So let’s start our investigation and examining the first chapter:
  • – If the tribes of the house of Jacob are named, the story does not give the name of this new king who « knew not Joseph », that is to say, a son of Jacob. Nothing leads us to believe that this is Sethi the first or Ramses II!
  • It is singular also read that once settled in Egypt (Mitzrayim), now Israel’s son had fructified, swarmed and multiplied! As if they were reproduced in large numbers, in the manner of microrganisms developed, says the story, they fill the earth!
  • Then, fearing they take power, Pharaoh unnamed overwhelms the drudgery of like building enigmatic supply towns called Pitom and Raamsess. Wasted effort ! More they toil more they fructify, swarm and multiply!
  • Yet this overabundant population has only two midwives who have names: Pouah, and Siphrah. Given the fertility of their people, the poor little had to be overworked!
  • No less singular details: as they do not obey the orders of the Pharaoh, their commitment is rewarded by Elohim that influences increased children of Israel. In short! He thanked the attendants by amplifying their tasks but gratifies their respectful loyalty by making their homes! Strange…
  • Finally, Pharaoh unnamed disgusted to see the children of Israel grow despite easements which it overwhelms, requires his servants an odious task: throw everything begotten son into the river without a name. And yet, he asks them to spare the girls! Then one may wonder: is it inspired by any goodness of heart? Or is it his very unfriendly brain generates arguments that serve their personal interests?
  • You will agree: the few oddities we identified have inconsistencies incompatible with rational minds. So it is understandable that the translators, adapters and interpreters have taken the initiative to give it intelligibility by using their imagination. However, instead of adding the hypothetical clarification Book, would it not be more correct to « decrypt » the meaning of these singularities?
    To try to get some answers, we soon consider features of the next chapter.
    So, see you soon !
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